Add a widget to iOS

To add the Now buttons on your start page you need to do the following: From the top of the screen, swipe down to open the Message Center and

What are Now buttons?

With Olisto Now you can create buttons that you can use as a condition to perform a trigg. With one push of the button you can activate the trigg. You

How do you delete a condition?

Sometimes you want to change a trigg or delete a certain condition in a trigg. You can easily do this by first going to the corresponding trigg. The

How do you delete a trigg?

We understand. You do not want to use your trigg forever. Maybe you get new lighting. Another thermostat. Maybe you created a trigg which was not as

What are variables in Olisto

Your devices and services are connected to each other by Olisto. They respond to each other by means of conditions and some can share specific

Support for motion detectors

We are often asked if we can add the Philips Hue Motion Sensor or another motion sensor to Olisto. With this small squared box you could make crazy

How do I add an extra device?

Of course an alarm you only activate when nobody is home. And the heating only has to be turned up if somebody is home. With Olisto you can set