About us

Olisto aims to tackle the big challenges to have billions of devices and services work together, letting many millions of users, individuals and businesses link them.

Olisto was founded by Arjen Noorbergen because he was missing the interconnectivity between services and loT devices.
To solve this problem, Olisto has built a consumer app with a growing public platform of smart connections. However, we discovered an additional need for companies to create more value for their services, products, and apps, without the need for such a 3rd party app.
As a response, we created Olisto Studio, a content management system for connected experiences. A platform designed not only for creating smart connections but also for describing the customer experience.

Meet our team

Our team is led by the founders — Arjen Noorbergen and Teun Wagenaar — serial entrepreneurs who have successfully built and exited internationally operating companies. After the success of Quby, the company behind the Eneco Toon thermostat, Olisto was founded in 2015 with more than 10 years of experience in IoT.

Arjen Noorbergen
Teun Wagenaar
Daniel Reus
Tech Lead
Remy Kabel
Team Lead