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Your devices and services are connected to each other by Olisto. They respond to each other by means of conditions and some can share specific information. You can share this data in actions as variables. We will explain what the variables are for the available devices and services, and how they can be used in triggs. 

How to use variables

You can use variables in actions with a text area. In this area you can write your own text and combine this with dynamic realtime information from variables. Below the text area you see a small icon {…} to open the list with variables. Every variable of your connected devices and services can be selected, even if they are not in the current trigg.  
When you select a variable, you see a small icon in the text are. If a trigg is activated, at that moment this variable is replaced by realtime data. 

You can put variables in a notification or in a cel in Google Sheets.

Available variables

At this moment we have the following variables at our disposal. 


  • Home/Away Status: Home/Away/Auto-away
  • Battery Health: OK/replace
  • CO Alarm: OK/Warning/Emergency
  • Smoke Alarm: OK/Warning/Emergency
  • Movement detected: True or False
  • Sound detected: True or False
  • Person detected: True or False
  • Camera streams: True or False
  • Camera online: True or False
  • Sound detection on: True or False 
  • Video history on: True or False


  • Temperature: Number (Celcius or Fahrenheit, based on Netatmo settings)
  • Air pressure: Number (hPa)
  • CO2 level: Number (PPM)
  • Relative humidity: Scale (1-100)
  • Noise: Number (dB)
  • Battery Level: 0 or 1
  • Movement detected: True or False

Weather (Current)

  • Weather condition: Sunny/cloudy/rainy/snowy/foggy/windy/thundering
  • Temperature: Number (Celcius or Fahrenheit, based on location settings)
  • Apparent Temperature: Number (Celcius or Fahrenheit, based on location settings)
  • Wind speed: Number
  • Wind direction: N/NE/E/SE/S/SW/W/NW
  • Relative humidity: Percentage 
  • Air pressure: Number (hPa)

Weather (Today/Tomorrow)

  • Weather condition: Sunny/cloudy/rainy/snowy/foggy/windy/thundering
  • Temperature high: Number (C or F)
  • Expected precipitation: Number (mm)
  • Chance of rain: Percentage
  • Chance of thunder: Percentage 
  • Wind speed high: Number (m/s) 
  • Wind direction: N/NE/E/SE/S/SW/W/NW
  • UV Index: Number


Soccer – My team is playing: 0 or 1 
Triggi Connect – Connector activated: 0 or 1
Triggi Now – Button pushed: 0 or 1 
Location –  Are you at the location: 0 or 1
EV Charging Station – Charging station available: 0 or 1