Bring idea’s to life

Discover Studio’s robust tools and pre-built connectors in Olisto library for tailored automations. Elevate revenue by delivering personalized experiences through valuable interactions, empowered by Studio’s automation and integration capabilities.

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More personal, more integrated, more powerful.​

Powerful automations

The intuitive interface of Studio enables you to pick and choose connectors and create your automations. You can drag and drop connectors, define triggers and actions, and set up conditional logic to create powerful automations.

Once your automation is ready, it is ready for design and to be published for your end-customers. Whether it’s automating routine tasks, integrating systems, or enabling smart home functionality, Studio provides a robust platform to bring your innovative ideas to market quickly.

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Design, target & publish

Tailor your interactions, recommendations, and automations to align with your customers unique preferences, creating highly personalized and engaging use-cases.

With Olisto Studio you are in full control of creating and managing powerful automations.By simple adding an image, logo and text to your automation you will have a ready-to publish use-case in no-time.Test your new use-cases with your target audience by using our segmentation tool!


With Studio analytics, we provide valuable insights into the adoption of your use-cases, allowing you to understand how customers are utilizing your products and services. By gaining deep insights into customer behaviours and needs, you can make data-driven decisions and continuously enhance your offerings

Manage and translations

Take charge of your use-cases with complete control and flexibility. You can edit, pause, archive, or publish your creations, or you can effortlessly save your use-cases as drafts and return to them whenever you’re ready to finalize. Additionally, for convenient testing purposes, a QR code is provided to easily share your experience. Plus, with the ability to translate, you can make them accessible to a wider audience.