Olisto Now

Make your own buttons and control your devices with the push of a button.

You can operate these buttons directly from the notification screen of your smartphone, or simply activate them through the voice control service of your choice!

Olisto Now Notification

It’s all about buttons

With Olisto Now, you can create buttons that you can link to an action in a trigg. You can then activate the trigg with the push of a button. For instance, you can operate multiple
devices directly.

Now, you have full control of your devices yourself. You determine when what is switched on or a program should change. The greatest convenience is of course to operate multiple devices with one button.

How to use a Now button?

2. Create a button

The first step is to make a button and to give it a logical name for its function.

3. New trigg

You then create a new trigg where you add the button as a condition.

3. Choose your action(s)

Then add the actions you want performed when the button is pressed to this trigg.

4. Press the button

Add the Olisto widget directly to the notification screen on your smart device for easy and fast access.

Now buttons from your wrist

For those who have a smartwatch we also have your Now buttons available through the Olisto Now app on your watch.

With the Olisto Now app you have instant access to your Now buttons. Activate all your favorite triggs directly, without having to reach for your phone.

Available for smart watches from:
    •  Apple
    •  Samsung
    •  Fitbit
    •  Huawei

Olisto Now Watch