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Do you want your products and services to seamlessly work together with other brands, web services or apps?
Get Olisto integrations now and let us help you with your API integration.

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API Integration

We will exhibit on the CES in Las Vegas again. January 8 – 11, 2019

Drop by the Holland Tech Square, say hi and let’s talk how we can help you with Olisto Integrations for now and the future.

Olisto Integrations

Use the Olisto platform in your own app

Use the API Integration in your own app
We developed an SDK, which enables you to add the integrations in just a fraction of the time it would cost you if you would develop it yourself.

  • We provide 3rd party API Integration out of the box
  • Authentication and authorization
  • Rule creation and management
  • Enabling & disabling use cases
  • Monitoring the availability
  • Reporting on usage

The advantages of using our API Integration

Less backlog

Reduce your Backlog

Concentrate on your core product or service, while still being able to address the long tail of functionality asked for by your end-users.

Happy users

Get higher customer satisfaction

Live up to your customers’ expectations by making it possible for them to use your product of service more flexible. This will most definitely improve your NPS.

Do your market research in-app

Costs savings

Save considerably on development costs and solve part of that ‘impossible roadmap’ problem that most product managers encounter.

Do some quick prototyping

Explore new partnerships

Try new combinations and partnerships through quick prototyping and test the market.

Download Olisto

With this free app you can immediately start connecting dozens of smart home products and services. You will find inspiration and examples to make your smart devices and services work smarter together.

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From our partners

Olisto and Home Connect
“The built-in support of multiple languages is very relevant to us since Home Connect is available in over 32 countries”

– Luuk Brinkman
Head of Digital Marketing, BSH Home Connect

Olisto and Egardia
“Having Olisto’s API integration resulted in huge cost savings in terms of development.”

– Robin Rietveld
CEO Egardia

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