Empower your customer base

Olisto transforms the way your customers interact with your products, serving as a low-code integration and automation platform. Powered with a toolset to connect API’s, creating personal & relevant use-cases.


Discover, evaluate, integrate, and monitor APIs.

By embedding your product or service more naturally into your users’ workflows, companies can rapidly incorporate new functionalities and use cases with minimal back-end development. Thereby transforming their app or service into the primary interface between their company and their customers’ digital lives. Integrations are key to expanding your product’s reach and increasing user engagement.

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Create, design, and publish personalized automations

With Olisto Studio you can publish new use-cases to your customer base, present relevant options to the right target audiences and allow your customers to completely personalize the way they use your products.

Studio is key to unlocking the full potential of integrations and automations for your customers. Whether your use-case is about automating routine tasks, integrating systems or enabling smart home functionality, Studio provides a robust platform to bring your innovative ideas to market quickly.

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Suggest new devices and use-cases that align with your customers’ existing ecosystem

By integrating discovery features into your app or hardware, Olisto Discovery provides valuable insights into the products and apps your customers are already using.
Leveraging this data, you can recommend relevant and personalized integrations that align with their unique preferences and needs.This tailored approach enhances customer satisfaction and engagement.

Connect your API

Unlock the power of Olisto in every team


Integrating third-party products reduces churn, provides varied customer engagement, and enhances the product's value. Personalized experiences and interactions ensure higher revenue per customer throughout their lifecycle.


Olisto transforms the customer lifecycle with insights, integrations, and trend anticipation. Businesses use these to offer tailored experiences, build partnerships, and lead in industry innovation.

IT department

Olisto aids cost optimization for businesses via a central platform for app, subscription, and API key management. This streamlines processes, cuts redundancy, and enhances resource allocation efficiency for substantial savings.