Why Olisto?

Enabling your full potential

Olisto makes your products smarter. More personal, more integrated, more powerful.​ Olisto connects you to a world of smart products, services, and platforms.

We increase

  • Customer engagement, satisfaction & retention
  • Cross- and upsell
  • Cooperation with partners

We reduce

  • Business and development complexity
  • Development and maintenance costs
  • Time to market

We guarantee

  • Telecom grade infrastructure
  • GDPR compliant solutions
  • Top notch developer support

We exceed in

  • White label solutions
  • SaaS, On-Prem, or Hybrid
  • Developer tooling to easily connect private APIs

Let our customers tell you why

See how Olisto helped Martijn, Team Lead at KPN, with bringing new experiences to their customers.
All while keeping security and privacy at the front-row.

What others say about us

  • Olisto is all about connecting, whether it is the one digital puzzle piece to another, or the one device to another, or the one company to another!
    Egbert Hietberg
    Commercial director - 50five
  • Being connected to the Olisto platform means being connected to a world of smart connections. Olisto created a smart bundle which made Hue-lights react to events of a soccer match without any extra development from our side.
    Sharon Nanhoe
    Brand manager Philips Hue
  • Olisto offers KlikAanKlikUit extra possibilities to connect our ICS-2000 users to 3rd services and platforms of 3rd parties. This makes our compatibility optimal.
    Jasper van Weeren
    Product Manager Smart Home, KlikAanKlikUit
  • Automatic music, heating, even emails, just by walking into a room. Crownstone goes way beyond automatic lighting with Olisto!
    Anne van Rossum
    CEO Crownstone
  • Olisto's API integration gives us an incredible reduction on development costs.
    Robin Rietveld
    CEO Woonveilig
  • 5
    Because Home Connect is available in 32 countries, the multiple languages in the Olisto app are very important to us.
    Luuk Brinkman
    Head of Digital Marketing, BSH Home Connect