Align with your customers ecosystem

With Olisto Discovery, we enable you to unlock new integration possibilities and create personalized experiences for your customers. Discovery empowers you to proactively suggest new devices and services that align with your customers’ existing ecosystem. With comprehensive knowledge about their preferred devices and apps, you can build more intimate customer relationships by offering them innovative solutions and expanding their digital experiences.

Benefits of Discovery

With Discovery, you gain the power to determine which other products or apps your customers are using, opening up a realm of opportunities for integration with your own products and services.

Relevant & personal

Recommend relevant & personal integrations to your customers, based on the data Discovery provides.

Devices & services

Be pro-active in suggesting new devices & services that Discovery has found, building more intimate customer relations.

Loyalty & retention

Build on customer loyalty & retention by presenting your customers with new integrations or update them on newly supported devices & services.

Two important functions of Discovery

Olisto Discovery is a game-changing feature that grants businesses the ability to identify the products and apps their customers are using.

apps & devices

At Olisto, we call discovery the process of finding out which devices, apps or services users may have. If we are able to gather knowledge about a user, we can make relevant recommendations and provide better services. This will make life easier for the user because they will receive ready-to-go integration suggestions based on the devices & services they have.

at home

Secondly, we have the monitoring of mobile devices. Based on the presumption that if no smartphone is at home, there is a high likelihood that there is no one at home. For example, if a user has an alarm system, and none of the smartphones are at location home. Then they will get a notification to remind them to arm the system.

Personalization is key

With Discovery, you can uncover complementary products and services that align with your customers’ needs and preferences.
By integrating these offerings into your own, you provide a more comprehensive solution that adds value and meets the evolving demands of your customer base. It empowers you to deliver personalized experiences by understanding the broader digital landscape your customers navigate.

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Discovery enables you to forge strategic partnerships with other companies in the ecosystem. By identifying potential integration opportunities, you can explore collaborations and create innovative solutions that combine the strengths of multiple products or services, driving mutual growth and customer satisfaction.

With Olisto Discovery, you stay ahead of the curve by keeping tabs on emerging trends and popular products in the market. By staying informed about the devices and services your customers embrace, you can proactively adapt your offerings and capitalize on new opportunities, ensuring your business remains at the forefront of innovation.