Olisto Connect

Link your own projects

Olisto Connect is the bridge between the channels in Olisto and your own DIY/Maker projects. Have you made your own connected doorbell and would you like your Philips HUE lamps to blink when the doorbell rings? And a log in a spreadsheet of the visitors? If you make the doorbell now, we’ll take care of those actions. Olisto Connect can be used in any project where HTTP connections are received or sent. If you know how to program these, you can use Olisto Connect.


Do you use sensors in and around your home? With Olisto Connect, you can connect them to spreadsheets and create your own data magic! See how 11-year-old Stefan connects Olisto to all kinds of devices in his parents’ home…


A Connector is a unique URL for your project. You can create as many connectors as you want for as many projects as you want. You are the boss! So you can make your home smarter with NFC stickers and Olisto Connect.


With Olisto Connect you can share your own projects. With a special code, others can use your Connectors in their own triggs. Instant friendship! See for example how we made a cheap toy train smarter with Olisto Connect.

How to get started?

1. Install Olisto
Download Olisto in the iOS or Android appstore.

2. Make an account
Create a free Olisto account in the app, login and activate the Olisto Connect channel.

3. Make a Connector
Log in and create a Connector. Copy the URL and use it in your code.

4. Make a trigg
Use the Connector as a condition in your trigg, add an action and presto! Magic!