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Of course an alarm you only activate when nobody is home. And the heating only has to be turned up if somebody is home.

With Olisto you can set this – and so much more – automatically. However, these triggs only work well if they apply to everybody in the house. This is why you can add family members to your Olisto-account.

Notice: Only add profiles of people you trust with your account.

  1. Install Olisto on the smartphone or tablet of your husband, daughter, roommate or whoever you want to participate in your trigg. Share this downloadlink to make it even easier.
  2. Log in on the new device with your own account.
  3. Olisto will ask you whether this is a new device. Click on “yes”.
  4. Then set a trigg with a location. Select in the location-condition the new device as well as your own device.
  5. Open Olisto also on your own device. Now the location of both devices is being used.