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In the new version of Olisto you will find two new possibilities at the channel Time & Day: “Sunrise or sunset” and “Day or night”.

Sunrise and sunset

You choose this option if you want to create a trigg that activates at a specific moment, when the sun rises or when the sun sets. It is important to understand when the system is triggered by this option. This is at the moment of the sunset itself (in this case it is actually an event) or at the moment that another condition is true.

With the slider bar you can choose an exact time around the sunrise or sunset. By default you see the place you have set in Settings. You will also see the time at which the condition is true and we will execute your trigg.

Day and night

This feature gives you some more flexibility in your triggs. Instead of the exact moment of sunrise or sunset, here you indicate a period in which the condition is true: It is day or it is night. Again you will see that you can move the period with the slider bar and immediately see in which time frame the condition will be true. Here you can also change the place where it must be day or night. The times adjust automatically with the change of place.

The main difference between this function and the function “Sunrise and sunset” is that the condition in “day and night” is a period instead of a moment.