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On our inspiration tab in our app you can find now the option “popular bundles”. These are collections of triggs which can be used according to your own judgement with a couple of settings. By using the bundles, you do not have to make a large quantity of triggs yourself. We already do much of the work for you.

Layout of the bundles

The bundles are build from one specific product, such as the Toon thermostat or your HUE lights. If they are already connected, you can start immediately within a couple of steps!
With each bundle you have to go through a few steps. Hereby we ask for particular information. The Toon bundle “Holiday mode” ensures that on random times the lights turn on and off when you are absent. Instead of making a dozen of triggs yourself, we take care of it. The only thing you have to do is to link your Toon to Olisto and connect your HUE lights in the Toon. At the moment, the bundle does not work with other smart lights.

First we ask you to set the times in which you wake up and go to bed. This is an one-off step, it can not be set per day or per week. So keep a margin here and take a moment which reasonably is in line with your own pattern.
Thereafter we ask for your location, with this information we can determine the sunrise and the sunset well.
At last we ask you to tick one or more lamps. These lamps will turn on and off at random moments within the set times. Of course we take the moment of the day and how much this happens into account.

And that’s it! Nothing more has to be set. The bundle can manually be turned on and off with the slider at the bundle. This way you keep control over the bundle.

Modify the bundle

The individual settings of a trigg in a bundle can not be adjusted. However, you can adjust the mentioned general settings. But you can not add your own triggs to the bundle or delete individual triggs from the bundle.
Also keep in mind that the bundle works the same way as your other triggs. So check your own triggs if there are no conflicts with the bundle when you have set it up.