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You can share your triggs with the outside world in order that others can use this trigg with their own devices. Just like you share a news article on Facebook, a viral video on Twitter or a delicious recipe via WhatsApp, you can share every trigg directly via your phone.

When you create a trigg, you choose the option “share trigg” in the top of your screen. Then the “share sheet” of your smartphone appears and are you able to choose every app you installed to share the trigg. You can send it via WhatsApp or post it on Twitter. Save the trigg in Evernote or just send it via an e-mail. It is up to you.

Share the URL

Every trigg you create gets an unique URL. The URL can be shared everywhere and with everone. It even helps us with giving support. you are able to get this URL when you see the options to share on your smartphone via “share trigg”. An option you always have is “copy”. With this you copy the name and the URL of the trigg to you clipboard. The next thing you can do is paste it in another app, chat screen or e-mail.

Use your mobile browser

You can use the shared URL in a browser and look at the ingredients of the trigg. When you use the Olisto-app, the trigg can be opened immediately from your mobile browser. We lead you through the whole trigg to select, where necessary, the right channel and the right devices. If you do not have the Olisto-app, you can download it. After installing the app and creating an account, click again on the shared trigg and you are able to use it.

Scan a trigg from your computer

Do you see the shared trigg on a computer instead of a phone? Click on “use this trigg” in order to reveal a QR-code. Take your phone, start Olisto and in the settings of the app you can scan the QR-code. The trigg is immediately available in your account.