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We appologize up front to all iOS-users. We love you, we feel your pain, but this function is only available for Android-users: A Wi-Fi condition. With this channel you can make a condition when you connect to a random Wi-Fi-channel. Or when you are conncedted to a specific Wi-Fi-channel.
This way you can create triggs which only will be activated when your phone is connected to the
Wi-Fi in your home for example. Or when the connection is lost with the Wi-Fi at home, the lighting automatically turns off and your smart power plugs deactivate.

How does it work?

You have to take two steps in order to make the Wi-Fi channel work on a specific network after you added the channel:

  1. Choose your Wi-Fi channel. Android users can create even easier a trigg with the Wi-Fi channel in the new version of Olisto. It is no longer needed to exactly retype your networkname, which was the case in the last version of the app. Authorize the app to scan your network and receive immediately a list with available networks. Here you choose the network you want to use as a condition and you are done!
  2. Then you make an additional condition with “Wi-Fi is connected/not connected” in order to check the mentioned network when your phone makes or loses connection.
  3. Make, when necessary, addtional conditions (day, thermostat, etc.) and of course add your actions.

When your Android-phone is located in the given network, the trigg will be activated.
When you use a trigg which checks whether you are disconnected from a specific Wi-Fi network, it only will be executed if you have your mobile data on. Otherwise we can not receive a signal the Wi-Fi channel is disconnected from your phone.

More questions?

Do you have more questionsabout the Wi-Fi channel? Please checkĀ our forum.