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When downloading the Olisto app, we also install a small service for your Android phone. This ensures that we can periodically check your time and location. This service you can be found in the topbar of your device. It is an obligation of Android that the service periodically gives a notification that it is still active, but it is possible to turn this off. Do this as follows:

Go to settings > Apps and notifications > App info and select Olisto. Here you choose “App-notifications”.

In the next screen you choose the option “Olisto” which you turn off.

By doing this the icon and notification has disappeared, but the high-precision of Wi-Fi and the location keeps on working.
As developper, we have to turn this service on by default when offering the app in the app-store. However, in this way you, as user, have very precise controle over what you see in your notification screen. Ohter options are

Phonegap Plugin and Default Channel for Olisto push notifications: Two plugins which together ensure you do see the push notificaties
Olisto Now widget: the widget for your buttons.

Hopefully we have brought some light in the Android-darkness!