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For your location and the wifi we depend on information we get from your phone, so Android itself. That’s not something we can collect ourselves from your phone. This kind of information is protected in Android, what we understand.

The reason that sometimes no triggs are activated is that Android 8 and upcoming versions are much stricter with apps regarding battery optimization. Everyone logically wants to use as long as possible their battery, but that means that apps get fewer rights and possibilities. We have noticed that this setting in Android sometimes causes a lost signal from WiFi or location, which makes that we don’t know that something has changed and therefore can’t execute triggs.

What you still can try is to change the next option in Android:

  • Go to Settings in Android
  • Choose “Battery”
  • It depends on your Android version and phone, but in these settings or in the menu in the upper right corner there is an option “battery optimization”
  • Select “all apps”
  • Scroll to Olisto
  • Set the option to “Not optimize”

Now your WiFi and/or Location might work better, but the downside is that your battery usage is higher.