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Olisto is dependent on the connection we have with the services of all devices and apps we support. These connections are based on a trusted verification between your Olisto-account and the online environment of the devices. That is why we ask for your username and password in order to connect with Philips Hue, Trust, Nest, Toon, Facebook and all other services. We never store your login details of these services. In our app you are redirected to the login page of the service and you log in on their service. Then you authorize us and our app receives a unique token from the service to verify the connection. This token is a long string of characters which is unique to the connection between the service and your

Expired tokens

Unfortunately it can happen this token expires. This can result from security measures at the external party, you installed Olisto again or there is a malfunction in the connection. We do our best to check this connection and to keep you updated when the connection is lost. When this happens, you see a red circle with an exclamation mark in the upper right topcorner of the trigg where you use the unplugged device or service.

How to solve this

When you click on the red icon, you see a message what happened. Because of the nature of these secure connections, we do not always know exactly what happened, but we do our best.

Thereafter you can connect the channel again. Go to More > Channels and select the channel. Click on the button “connect again”. Dependent on the service you have to verify again or provide access. After this your channel is connected and the triggs work again.

If you keep these problems with a specific channels, contact us via the in-app-support and we can help you further.