How two companies can successfully campaign together

Devices at home come online and services are being digitized at a rapid pace, giving consumers new experiences and new ways to digitize their lives. Being able to control devices and use services that the internet provides: more convenience, safety and peace of mind.

People and companies are connecting devices to the Internet and thereby building an Internet of Things.

One thing is still lacking …

Devices and services usually don’t work together very well.

Where each manufacturer or service provider is building value for themselves and their customers by connecting devices and digitizing services, a lot of value remains untapped when services don’t work together.

Let’s have a look at this

We were in touch with a company (let’s call them Company A) building Internet-based security systems for home alarming. They were developing a partnership with a manufacturer of connected lighting (Company B), with the idea to have their systems work together. If an alarm would go off in a home, they wanted the lights to turn on. Burglars may hate sirens, but they hate to do their work in broad daylight even more. And also, when the alarm would be armed while the owners are away, wouldn’t it be a good idea to have the lights turn on every now and then to pretend someone is at home?

A nice example of how connected devices could work together, and provide more value to the consumer than just the sum of the parts. 1 + 1 = 3.

Of course, Company A could have built an interface with Company B. Project teams on both ends would sit together, draft specifications, agree on a planning and put the work on an already over-populated backlog. With the marketers on their backs asking when things would be ready. And once operational, the connection must be maintained. If either party needs to change specifications, for whatever reason, this should be planned and coordinated.

So the plans look good, the marketers are excited, but the reality is though.

This is where we got in

Our platform was already connected to Company B. Building an interface to Company A was easy to do because we build interfaces for a living, so we know how to do this. And then, building the “business logic” across the interface, happened in a breeze.

Marketers on both sides could now design a joint packaging, a joint commercial offering, record videos for social media and webshops and have the campaign run in time for Summer holidays…

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