+160 % connected HUE lightbulbs
+1900 % new HUE users in Belgium
+750 % channel connections


Philips wanted to create the ultimate world soccer cup experience for Hue users in Belgium. In addition they wanted to increase the number of bridge activations in Belgium. The request was to create a campaign where the Hue lights would react to the matches of the Red Devils.


Olisto and Hue were already connected on the Olisto platform. The next step was to create a bundle of triggs connected to the Hue and the soccer channel. According to Olisto’s When – Then principle it was possible to connect the lights to events of the match.

Philips created special Hue package deals, distributed in stores and online. To make sure people were aware of the Soccer trigg bundle, we created trigg cards accompanied with each package sold.  By scanning the QR-code on the trigg card the user was able to simply activate the World Soccer Cup bundle for his Hue lights.


In June we launched the Hue World Soccer Cup campaign. This resulted in the following bundle of triggs:

  • The lights slowly fade in red at the start of the match
  • When the devils scored the lights would turn green
  • When the opponent scored the lights would turn red
  • The lights would blink when a red or yellow card was given
  • Every package sold by Philips Light Gallery we had a success rate of 100% of the trigg cards being scanned.

Photo of electronic shop with worldcup soccer poster on the wall and Philipe Hue packaged in front

The campaign brought in new Hue and Olisto users in Belgium, as well as  a big increase in connected Hue lights. For Philips we made this campaign possible for them without the high costs of development, resources and monitoring.

With every Hue package sold by LightGallery, the soccer bundle for the lights was scanned and used!

Being connected to the Olisto platform means being connected to a world of smart connections. Olisto created a smart bundle which made Hue-lights react to events of a soccer match without any extra development from our side.

Sharon Nanhoe (Brand manager Philips Hue)