Make your own buttons and control your devices with the push of a button. You can operate these buttons directly from the notification screen of your iOS and Android smartphone.

What is Olisto Now?

You can easily use Olisto to perform all kinds of actions automatically. At sunrise, when you are at a location, when a tweet with a hashtag appears, the possibilities are endless. But you sometimes want to hold the reins yourself. Controlling the buttons with your own hands. Olisto Now makes that possible now.

With Olisto Now, you can create buttons that you can link to an
action in a trigg. You can then activate the trigg with the push of a
button. For instance, you can operate multiple devices directly.

How do you use Olisto Now buttons?

Remote control

You can easily use the buttons as a remote control. With one
button, you can transform your living room into an atmospheric cinema
with closed curtains and a Do Not Disturb message to your housemates.

You’re in control

With Olisto Now, you have full control of your devices yourself. You determine when what is switched on or a programme should change. The greatest convenience is of course to operate multiple devices with one button.

How do you create a Olisto Now button?

1. Create the button

The first step is to make a button and to give it a logical name for its function

2. New trigg with the button

You then create a new trigg where you add the button as a condition.

3. Choose your action

Now create the actions you want performed when you press the button. Of course, you can have multiple actions performed at once.

4. Press the button in the notification screen

You can add the Olisto widget directly from the notification screen on your Android or iOS device.