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Our company policies to protect your privacy have always met the standards. Nonetheless, some changes in our privacy documents have become necessary to be fully in line with the GDPR. Therefore we advise you to read our tightened privacy policy, our general conditions and the cookie policy.

For the GDPR openness and transparacy are essential for obtaining, storing and processing personal data.


In our privacy policy and in our general conditions we make clear which data we collect and how we use this. We also explain what control you have over this data.

Sharing data

We only share personal data with external parties to enable our operational activities, to improve our services or when we are legally obliged to do so. In all other scenarios we always ask for your permission.

Of course you can ask us what we know about you and revise possible incorrect personal data. For an overview of al your rights, we refer you to the privacy statement.


In the app we give you the possibility to delete your account. This will remove all data within 30 working days which is linked to your account. From the moment of removel you are not able to use Olisto with your account and you will have to reset everything.

By continuing to use our service on or after may 25th 2018, you agree with our adapted privacy policy, general conditions and cookie policy. If you have any questions about our privacy policy or another change in our services, please contact us.