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In our emails, documents and blogpost you will often come across three terms: Triggs, conditions and actions. A short introduction:

A trigg is a personal combination of conditions and actions to enable something via the Olisto app. A trigg consists at least of one WHEN condition and one THEN action. The plural of one trigg is multiple triggs.

A condition is what needs to be happening in order to carry out a trigg. The condition has to be true to activate the trigg. A condition can be things like your thermostat has a particular temperature, you’re at home or it’s a specific time. You can combine conditions, but keep in mind that all conditions have to be true at the same moment in order to activate the trigg. The trigg will be activated the moment all conditions become true. We do not support the OR function in conditions.

An action is what the trigg actually carries out. The light turns on, your thermostat switches to a specific program or we post something on Facebook for you. The actions for a trigg happen at the same time. A pause between them is not possible.