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One of our best channels is the soccer channel. We (almost) give you realtime notifications when a team scores in one of the following competitions:

  • Champions League,
  • Europa League,
  • Premier League,
  • Bundesliga,
  • Primera Division,
  • Serie A,
  • Ligue 1,
  • Eredivisie
  • Jupiler Pro League

The soccer channel has only conditions, so you will find it solely in the channels at the WHEN part of the trigg. Also keep in mind that you choose one team per trigg. As it happens that the trigg is structured in such a way that everthing has to be true in the condition if you want the trigg to be activated. We do not support “OR” conditions. Therefore the trigg below will not work.

Separate triggs

The trigg above would only work if all teams would score at the exact same time. That is why you have to make for the trigg above three seperate triggs. For every team a different trigg.


As you see in the action of the trigg, you can locate the live score as variable in your trigg. This can be done by placing the variable “Live score” in the text of your notification.

Like this you can create fantastic triggs for your favorite club!