Olisto and Toon

Control the heating automatically

Combine Toon and Olisto

Toon is a thermostat that, in addition to controlling the temperature, provides real-time insight into energy consumption and costs directly on the display. The consumer is in charge, which makes saving energy easy.

Temperature down

Lower your thermostat when you are away from home and save on your energy bill.

I’m on a holiday

When your Google Calendar says “Holiday”, your thermostat will go in “Holiday” mode

Turn off the TV

This trigg is perfect for families with children. The TV (+ game consoles and speakers) will turn off automatically when it’s time to go to school.

Olisto works with these Toon products

  • Toon Thermostat
  • Fibaro plugs
  • Philips Hue lights (Just on/off. A choice of color is only possible through the HUE bridge)
  • Fibaro FGWPE/F-101 (version 1)
  • Fibaro FGWPE/F-102 (version 2)
  • Everspring AN 158 Z-Wave plug
  • AEOTEC smart switch 6
  • TKB Home TZ 68G (just switch, no measurements)
  • OSRAM smart plugs

Download Olisto

With this free app you can immediately start connecting dozens of smart home products and services. You will find inspiration and examples to make your smart devices and services work smarter together.

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