A couple of weeks ago we got into a talk with the publisher of Sprout Magazine. This magazine aims to inspire and connect growing entrepeneurs in the Netherlands. We demo’ed what is possible with Olisto and after a few minutes the Editor In Chief asked if Olisto could be used in their offices. We thought about it and came up with a fun project.

On Sprout’s website you can become a subscriber of the magazine. When you fill in the form and send it, a mail is sent from the backend to the new subscriber and the subscription department. We learned their CMS is very flexible and built with blocks of code. This means you can make extra actions in their CMS when something happens on the site. Here’s where Olisto comes into play.

New subscriber? Partylights!

We went to visit their office and brought along three Philips Hue lights with lampshades to put in the office. Installing the Philips Hue bridge and the lights is a piece of cake. We got that working in a couple of minutes.

After that we download Olisto on the phone of the editor-in-chief and made him an account. We connected the Philips Hue channel to his Olisto account.

We then added Olisto Connect from the channels in the app. After that you can login to our website and make Connectors. These are unique URL’s you can use in your own projects. Each Connector can be used for anything that can send a HTTP Request. What does this mean?

The webeditor of Sprout helped us out here. He added an extra block to the subscription flow in the backend of the site. What happens in this block is when someone subscribes, he also activates the Connector URL. For security reasons we blurred the ID part of the URL.

In the Olisto app, we made a trigg with the condition “WHEN the Connector is activated” and the actions “Blink the lights and send a push message to my phone”

Every time there is a new subscriber to the Sprout magazine, the lights start to blink in the office and the editor-in-chief gets a push notification on his phone. Isn’t that amazing?