Olisto Platform

Olisto builds a platform through which connected (IoT) products and digital services link, work together, and strengthen each other.

From our public and shared platform, to an on-premises implementation.

From live in days to a fully integrated part of your own technology stack, hosted or in-house.

Olisto private platform

Seamlessly integrate the Olisto capabilities in any Ul through the Olisto APl. The Olisto APl makes it easy to manage authentication, fetch lists of available experiences, activated experiences, etc.


Seamlessly integrate the Olisto platform in any UI through the Olisto API.

Channel store

Save time by immediately using any of our 50+ already connected channels.

Your own channel

Connect your API, create your own channel, and immediatly enrich customer experience.


Monitor the performance of the entire customer experience, both for developers and marketers.

Our on-premises features

Enterprise compliance

Our team of experts will collaborate with you and your team to meet your business and security requirements.

First class onboarding

Setting up the Olisto iPaaS is a breeze. Nonetheless, we are there to help you every step of the way to make sure it's all up to your standards.


You decide who can do what. Each Olisto product has advanced permission management. Let marketers and developers collaborate without being in each other's way.

Olisto public platform

Connect your devices,apps and services to Olisto and make them all work together. How? By creating your own experiences. Join the Olisto public platform. You can present experiences to your customers in the Olisto app and see how your product is performing.

Expand capabilities

Olisto allows you to reach beyond the capabilities of your APl. Your products become more personal, more integrated, more powerful.

No maintenance

You can deliver the ultimate connected experiences to your customers without heavy development maintenance.


Olisto is the easiest way to create and test new use cases with a userbase of more than 100k users.

Track performance

Track the performance of your channel and see how your customers interact with your product, all directly from our partner portal.

Connect your brand to a world of smart possibilities