Olisto for your brand

Join our platform of interconnected brands, solve the impossible roadmap problem and offer your users the possibility to tailor your product or service exactly to their own needs.

Olisto Partner Program

Olisto can make meaningful connections between the products of your organization and any other connected product or service out there by just a couple of clicks. All you need is an API that we can connect to. Explore the possibilities below and get started in just a couple of days.

Olisto Link for product managers

Sign up for Olisto Link and get your own fully branded channel within the Olisto app. This way your end-users will be able to tailor your product or service exactly to their own needs. How? Just by letting it interact with other products and services, according to the ‘when something happens, then do something’ logic. As easy as a couple of clicks. All you need to do is connect your API to Olisto. Try it for free!

Olisto Studio for marketeers

This tool is designed to harvest all creativity within your organization and be able to live up to your customers’ expectations. It will let you click together new functionality, which you can directly share via all (social) media. No development resources needed, no fighting for priorities in the backlog or roadmap from your product management colleagues. Reach out to other parties connected through Olisto and start discussing joint campaigns. Your products and services are already connected.

Olisto Integrations for developers

Do you have specific use cases in mind for which you want to connect with a third party, but do you want your users to only use your own app? With Olisto Integrations you can! We can quickly add integrations with any of our channels to your own app or service, which can save you a lot of your scarce development time.

The advantages of using Olisto

Reduce Backlog

Concentrate on your core product or service, while still being able to address the long tail of functionality asked for by your end-users.

Customer satisfaction

Live up to your customers’ expectations and improve NPS.


Market research

Test the market without high development costs.


Try new combinations and partnership through quick prototyping.

“The built-in support of multiple languages is very relevant to us, since Home Connect is available in over 32 countries”

Luuk Brinkman

Head of Digital Marketing, BSH Home Connect

Olisto flavours

Olisto Link is available in three flavors to suit anyone needs. All plans come with a monthly subscription fee. Please contact us if you wish to know more on pricing and possibilities.

  • General

  • Channel page  
  • Multi language  
  • Use of Olisto Integrations  
  • Marketing

  • Searchable, tagging  
  • Featured trigg
  • Channel logo  
  • Campaign landing pages  
  • Private channel 
  • Branded notifications  
  • Limits

  • Users
  • Actions per month
  • Reporting

  • Usage
    Insights in the number of users and actions
  • Quality
    Insights in successful execution of triggs
  • Trigg statistics
  • SLA
  • Free

  • 500
  • 15.000
  • Start

  • 10.000
  • Unlimited
  • Premium

  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited

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