Olisto starts pilot with Viesgo and makes app available in Spanish

Jan 11, 2018

About Viesgo and the Spanish translation

Olisto today announced the start of a pilot with Viesgo. This an innovative Spanish utility company focuses on delivering quality services and customer satisfaction.

Viesgo launched the Toon smart thermostat in Spain in October 2017. Viesgo’s pilot participants will have their Toon thermostats connected to Olisto and thus to a broad range of other connected products and services.

Viesgo is not the first utility to sign an agreement with Olisto. The Dutch utility Eneco already made the connection with Olisto available for all their 400k+ Toon users last November and another, not yet to be disclosed utility, is currently also exploring the extra possibilities of Olisto by means of a pilot.

The interest of utilities is no coincidence. An increasing number of utilities offer energy management solutions to create both substantial savings for consumers as to start new (recurring) revenue streams. Smart thermostats like Toon provide real-time energy data, making the users aware of potential cost savings by changing their behavior. The next step is that the end-users can create and use automated rules based on real-time energy data. This is where Olisto comes in. These rules can be as simple as a notification on your phone when you leave home and the energy usage is still high (“didn’t you forget to switch off something?”), but as more and more connected devices enter the household this may also result in a complete home energy management system, switching devices off when the local electricity demand exceeds production and switching devices on when the energy production is higher than the demand.

Since Viesgo is a Spanish company and since it is Olisto’s aim to make the Olisto app as easy to use as possible for all users, the app is now also be available in Spanish language.

About Olisto

Olisto can make meaningful connections between your organization’s connected products and services and all other connected products and services out there by just a couple of clicks. At Olisto we developed three interlinked services; the Olisto app, Link and Studio.
Through our free to download app, consumers are able to tailor your product or service exactly to their own needs. They can discover, or create themselves, a very broad set of triggs (smart rules) according to the ‘when something happens, then do something’ logic. Olisto Link connects organizations to the Olisto platform. Olisto studio enables your organization to create new functionality yourselves by simply configuring it via a portal, so without the need for extra development resources.

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