Establish meaningful connections between your own products and/or any other product already connected to the Olisto platform. Our cloud-based rule engine lets products interact with each other using the ‘when something happens then do something logic’. Real-time and reliable. Of course, combining multiple conditions and multiple actions is possible, as is multi-lingual support. The rules can simply be clicked together. So, without coding, anyone can create a rule like ‘when I am not my home and my camera detects an unknown person, then activate the siren, let the lights blink and send me a notification’

Many automations or integrations of products can be expressed as a rule, or a set of rules. For instance: WHEN my alarm system is armed THEN lower my thermostat setting. As part of Olisto Integrations, Olisto offers rule-based IoT integration in your application, where you only have to add a few lines of code to link a wide range of products and services to your app. Olisto does the rest, such as building and maintaining connections to the API’s of the products you want to integrate, allowing your users to add or enable the integration, and allow them to configure and manage your integrations.

Delivery platform
Portal with swagger documentation.

Required input
Description of integrations / triggs. In case of compex triggs, Olisto will first build and verigy the triggs, API credentials if using 3rd party API’s.

Support for app integration
2 days engineering support included.



3 weeks

Per direct, if required input has been received.