Voice assistants are booming. Your customers expect your services to work together with Google Home, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Nobody knows how big the impact of voice will be, yet you can’t stay behind. We have plenty of experience in creating voice integrations and can also make your product and services interact with ‘hey Google and ‘hey Alexa’. We will take care about everything: the technical integration, the certification process and keeping the services up and running. In one language or multiple languages, you just have to choose.

Voice, as part of Olisto Integrations, is an Olisto service that connects your product or service to Amazon Alexa and Google Home, so your users may use voice control to interact with your product. Once you have a connection to the Olisto platform, Olisto adds voice control for various services (Google Home, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa) and various languages to your product. Olisto worries about getting your product certified with these players and keep running over time.

Delivery platform
Portal to put and store content required for voice directories.

Required input
Description, logos, background pictures per language and brand.

Support for app integration
5 days of engineering support included.

Support of standard skills is included, bespoke voice interfacing will be offered on request.

5 weeks, excluding reviewing processes of Google and Amazon.

Per direct, if required input has been received.