New in Olisto: Better triggs with daytime and nighttime

August 23rd,2017

We’re very happy with the feedback we get on how happy you are with the possibilities to make triggs driven by sunrise and sunset. Whether it’s a notification on your phone, the lights in home turn on or your garden sprinklers start, we see how important it is for you to use this condition.

At the same time, we get a lot of questions and comments about this condition. After collecting and evaluating these community questions and our own user research, we’ve completely renewed these conditions and we are very pleased with the result. In Olisto’s version 1.2, you will find new opportunities to use the state of the sun in your triggs. Our beta testers tried the new feature and are happy with the possibilities.

In the new version of Olisto you will find two new possibilities under the Time & Day channel: “Sunrise or sunset” and “Day or Night”

Sunrise and sunset

This is the version you’ve always seen, but there’s a significant change. You choose this condition if you want to make a trigg at a specific moment: when the sun is coming up or when the sun goes down. The slider allows you to choose an exact time around the sunrise or sunset. By default, you’ll see the location that’s saved in your Settings. Furthermore, you will see the exact time when the condition is true and will execute the trigg.

Of course, you can combine this condition with other conditions such as location or weather. Please note that this is a moment. This means that the combination of conditions at that particular time should be true. So a combination like “I’m at home” and “the sun goes down” will only execute the trigg if both conditions are true at exactly the same time. The trigg below will execute in the weekends at exactly 30 minutes after the sunrise

Triggs where you use the Weather Channel are very sensitive to this combination. For this, you should use the Day and Night function

Day and night

This feature gives you more flexibility in your triggs. Instead of the exact moment of sunrise or sunset, you can enter a period in which the condition is true: It’s day or it’s night. You can move the timing with the slider and see what time the condition will be true. You can also customize the place where it is day or night. The times change automatically with a change in place.

The main difference between this function and the function “Sunrise and sunset” is that this condition here is a period instead of a moment. Combined with other conditions like location and weather, you can make a more flexible trigger. If you know you’re home after sunset, but not exactly what time, you can make a trigg that will not turn on the lights after sunset and when you’re near your home. Thus, the lamps don’t stay on for too long and waste precious energy.

Your existing triggs

Your existing triggs with sunrise and sunset will continue to work. If you want to adjust these triggs and they already have an offset in time, this offset will change up to 90 minutes before and after the time you choose.

More possibilities

We are very excited about this change in the app. Separating day and night and the moment of sunrise and sunset gives you more flexibility when making your triggs. Do you have questions about the possibilities or do you have a nice trigg you want to share? Let us know on the forum!