Let our new wizard guide you to your first trigg

Apr 30, 2018
How does it work?

Have you seen the new wizard in the app?

We want to make it even easier for you to take over (your first) triggs. When you choose a featured or inspiration trigg, you will not only see the name of the trigg but also a short explanation of what this trigg does for you exactly when you use it!

When you decide to use this trigg, we will also check whether you have already linked the required channels. If all is OK, you can get started and we help you step by step with the trigg. For each step you will see if you have to select something or make a choice with your devices or services. See the animation below as an example.

The wizard looks if you have to choose a specific device or service. This can be a lamp as in the example above, but it could just as well be a plug or your location. There are triggs where you do not need to set anything and the wizard can automatically make the right choices for you.

We want you to have maximum ease of use with the app. You get more insight in how a trigg can work for you from the start. This makes it even more fun and easier to view and use our example triggs.