Since we launched Olisto Connect, we’ve seen quite a few interesting projects that are made with Olisto. With Olisto Connect we open up all the different Olisto channels to your own projects. You can connect your own Arduino or any other hardware device that can send a webrequest.
We will cover some of these users on our blog, we start with Rosemarije Venema, who made a connection with her own calendar app and the thermostat…

Who are you?

Hi, my name is Rosemarije Venema and I am a teacher/inventor. I provide extra schooling to kids. When I want to explain a concept to my students, I try to find a crazy or funny way to show it to them. I once built a wooden calculator to explain something.
In my spare time I love to tinker with the open source Arduino-boards but I also love organic materials like wood to work with. I also build my own websites. I recently made my first Android app, a daily planner.

What did you build with Olisto Connect?

I made a connection with my own planner and the thermostat. When a specific appointment starts in my planner. I use a Olisto Connect URL for this. I also made a way to scan a NFC tag with my Android phone. When I scan it, the thermostat goes to the night mode.

Why did you make this?

To be honest, I am a bit forgetful every now and again. When I am in bed and I hear my heater turn on I think “Oh, I forgot to turn it down” and I have to get out of bed to fix it. Another reason is, my default temperature in the classroom is around 18° Celcius (65° F). I like it that way but my students think it’s too cold. For the appointments I have with my students I automatically rise the temperature before they show up.

How did you make this?

Well, the trigg with my own app is a bit hard to copy since you would need my personal app for that. It is not available in the appstore. But basically I build an extra function that checks for specific appointments in my planner. When they happen, I call the Olisto Connect URL. This executes the trigg to rise the temperature.

The trigg with my NFC tag is a bit easier. You need the app NFC Retag (Free in the Google Play Store) and a used NFC Tag like a public transit card or an old hotel key-card.
You program the NFC tag to launch your Olisto Connect URL when you swipe the tag with your phone. That’s all. Olisto Connect is the condition in my trigg. As an action I let my thermostat go into a nightmode. I could also add some more actions with ligths or anything else.

Thanks Rosemarije for your explanation on how you use Olisto Connect. Would you like to be featured on our blog with your Olisto Connect project? Let us know via e-mail on or send us a message on Twitter or Facebook.