You have made a great trigg that does exactly what you want. You have specific conditions that operate multiple devices and it just works. That is what Olisto does.

The neighbors have the same devices and also want to use your trigg. Or you want to post your trigg to Facebook so others can enjoy it. You can now do this by sharing your trigg from the app.

Once you have created a trigg, choose the option “Share trigg” at the top of your screen. You will then see a list of options that are possible on your phone. This could, for example, be via WhatsApp, or a post on Twitter. Perhaps you want to save the trigg in Evernote or email it to someone. It’s all possible.

Share a trigg

If you receive a shared trigg, you can view it in your browser and see the components of the trigg. If you already have the Olisto app on your phone, you can add the shared trigg to your own app directly.

Are you curious about how a shared trigg works? Give this one a try.

This is a trigg you can use when you leave the house. You’ll never forget to turn off the lights again!

You can share any trigg with other people. It doesn’t matter how complex or simple they are. Select “Share trigg” and let the world see how you make your digital life easier!

Do you have a trigg that you want to share? Tell us about it on our forum or on Twitter or Facebook.

PS. Don’t worry, sharing the triggs won’t affect your own smart products or online services!