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When you start with Olisto, we ask you to create a user account. We need a valid e-mail address for the verification and you have the possibility to create an own password.

You also have the possibility to make an user account with your Facebook account. When you do this, we ask for your name and e-mail address on Facebook.

After you created your account, you verify this via a link you received in your inbox. Only after you verified tyour account, you can use it longer than 24 hours. If you do not verify your account within 24 hours, you can not sign in in the app.

The use of your Olisto account

In Olisto devices and services can be connected. Public services like the weather channel, EV-charging stations or applications such as e-mail or notifications do not ask for your account data. When you want to add devices like a thermostat, lighting or a service like a social network, we have to ask for permission to use it in Olisto. By logging in at the service and accepting it, you give us the permission. You use the account details of the service itself for logging in, not your Olisto-login. The Olisto login data is only used to sign in in the Olisto-app and not for other services.

The use of device-specific references.

When we get permission to use your thermostat, lighting or another service,your login details are not being used. At the moment you authorize us, we get a token of the service itself. This token consists of numbers and letters, and is a unique link between Olisto and your device. This is the only link we have with your devices. We do not store the usernames or passwords you use for your devices and services.