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Olisto is a mobile app that lets your smart devices and services in and around the house work smarter together. You can do this with your own lines (we call them triggs). A line always consists of two parts:


The first part of the trigg we call a condition. When all the components of the conditions are true, the trigg is performed. The WHEN-part can consist of multiple conditions. They all have to be true in order to activate the trigg. So when you set the next conditions

This trigg is only activated when

  • The date is between March 10 and March 30
  • I am at the location I call home
  • And the wheather is cloudy in Utrecht

Only if all three are true, the trigg is carried out.


When a condition is true, it activates an action. This can by multiple actions, such as turn on the lighting, set the thermostat or sent a push notification. You can perform multiple actions which are carried out at the same time.

Channels and possibilities

Not all channels are made the same way. Some channels only have conditions like the weather. Some only have actions, like our push notification channel and there are channels with both, like the Nest-channel. This depends on what the provider of the service or the manufacturer decides to make possible via our app.