Get started with Olisto Connect – A simple How To

December 20th,2016
How does it work?

Olisto Connect is quite a new and different channel than you’re used to. Connect requires knowledge of programming, creativity and some basic understanding how HTTP calls and requests work. So let’s give you a quick rundown on how to get started with Olisto Connect. We assume you have a Olisto account and you added Olisto Connect as a channel. The most important unit of Olisto Connect is something we call a Connector. You can make these on our site on the Olisto Connect page.

What is a Connector?

That’s an excellent question. A Connector is a special connection we make between your project and Olisto. This Connector consists of two parts, a private URL and a public token. With this Connector you make the connection between your own code or project and the Olisto channels. You use the Connector name in your triggs in the app.

Private URL

The private URL is an unique URL you can use to send web requests to. When you use the Connector as a condition in your trigg (in the WHEN part of the trigg), every webrequest to the private URL will activate it and make that part of the condition true.

Public Token

The public token is a shortcode you can give to others. They can use the token as a condition in their triggs. Whenever your project or machine sends out a webrequest to your private URL, the public tokens get a signal as well and will activate. This makes Olisto Connect very powerful to share sensorinformation, specific activations or anything else you can think of.

An example: Use QR when you get home

The best way to explain a new feature is by giving an example. Let’s assume you want to use Olisto in the following scenario: When you drive home in your car, you have a QR code on the dashboard. Instead of using our Location channel, you want some more control of when and how your smart home reacts when you get there. Your idea is when you scan the QR code, a specific trigg will execute. Your Hue lights will turn on and your Nest thermostat will heat to a specified temperature. This is how we do it.

Your first step: Register

Before you get started you will have to register for one time on our site. After that, you can login and make as many Connectors as you want.

  1. Go to Here you will find a login screen. Use your Olisto loginname and password to login. We don’t support Facebook login yet. Please be patient as we will add this in the coming days.
  2. You get to the next screen. Here we ask for a username. You can only enter this once, so please pick a name you’re happy with and want to use on our site and on our forum.
  3. Now we get to the good part. You can now make your first Connector.

You give your Connector a logic name like “Home coming” because you want to do stuff through Olisto when you get home. Click “Save Connector”

After clicking you will see a few new fields: The name of your Connector, the private URL and the public token.
We will email this information to your email address as well. We don’t show a list of your Connectors yet, so make a note of the URL and token or check your email. You can make as many Connectors as you want.

You use the private URL in your own project to activate a webrequest. You will only have to call the URL via a GET-request. Don’t give out the URL to anyone else. Keep it to yourself. Here’s how to this in our QR project.

How do I use the private URL?

On the website QR Code generator you can make your own QR code. There are dozens of these websites around, pick the one you like.

Enter the private URL of your Connector and click “Confirm”

You can now download the QR code as an image and use it anyway you like. With any QR reader from the iOS appstore or Google Playstore you can scan the code and you will see it goes to your private URL.

Make the trigg

The next step is to make a trigg that actually does something when you scan the QR code.

In Olisto you make a new trigg:

  1. For the WHEN condition, you select Olisto Connect and the Connector with the name “Home Coming”.
  2. In the THEN action, we select the Nest thermostat and set it on a specific temperature and I want my lamps to turn on.
  3. Give the trigg a nice name and save it.

When you scan the QR code you will see the trigg execute. This is a simple first way to use Olisto Connect and make your own projects. You can even go further. Why not program a NFC sticker at your desk with this specific private URL. When you put your Android phone on it, you can activate the lights and other services all at once!

How do I use the public token?

So how could you use the public token in this case? Let’s say your partner wants to know when you get home as well. All you have to do is give your partner the Public Token that belongs to the right Connector. He (or she) also uses Olisto. He doesn’t have to go the website and he doesn’t have to make his own URL. All he does is make a condition with Olisto Connect, choose Add connector and fill in the public token he got from you. He then gives it a recognizable name like “Partner – Home coming” and he can use it as a condition as well. But his action will be to get a notification whenever you scan the QR code. He saves the trigg and is done.

And that’s it. Every time you scan the QR code your trigg will be activated, but the trigg of your partner as well. You can give the public token to as many people as you want. Every Connector you make comes with one public token you can give out. You could even publish it on the web so others can connect to your projects. Whether that’s a rainsensor, your Raspberry Pi camera or a homemade robot that sends out messages. Let your imagination run free!

Olisto Connect opens a whole new world

We believe that Olisto Connect is a great way to connect your own devices and projects to Olisto, as long as you know how to program it. Olisto Connect might not be for everyone, but the Public Token is an interesting way to share your projects with others. We just got started with this and we look forward to see what sort of connections you can come up with.

Share your project

Did you make something awesome with Olisto Connect and do you want to share it with the rest of the world? Come on over to the Olisto Community and share your ideas and triggs with others. It is OK to share your public token here as well but be aware that the forum is an open space that’s searchable and your token can be used by anyone that sees it. If you’d like more control over your token, share it private with others.

Do you have more questions on Olisto Connect? Let us know in the forum or through the support button in the app.