Olisto App

Connect everything with every thing

Connect your devices, apps and services to Olisto and make them all work together. How? By creating your own rules. Build real time connections between multiple devices, apps and services.

We have a free app for you to connect all your smart home devices and create your own rules.


Our app enables you to control your thermostats, lights and other smart devices with easily to create Triggs. Get the connected experience.


Create and customize triggs with the easy Olisto WHEN THEN rule engine. Of course, combining multiple conditions and multiple actions is possible. Just connect your products and be creative. You can easily share your triggs with friends and family.


Through Olisto you can use location, actual energy consumption, weather conditions, sports and many more data for creating relevant smart notifications on your phone.


Our voice integrations connects your products to the voice assistants of Amazon and Google. Use Google Home to talk to your Toon thermostatSonos speakers and many more. Your triggs, your rules.