The Internet of Things is beyond the hype. Thousands of smart devices, services and apps are being connected to the internet everyday. We believe interconnectivity is key. At Olisto we are dedicated to connect everything with every thing. The platform we have created allows businesses and consumers to link products and services and have them work together. In the Olisto app or in yours. 

Olisto was founded in 2016 by the creators of the Toon, the first smart thermostat in Europe. We have extensive experience in the field of IoT and a great history of creating state of the art technology and experience in smart home automation. With this experience and our vision that everything should be connected as easy as possible, we started this journey. Olisto started out as a consumer app with a growing platform of smart connections. Currently, rapidly growing in users and channels, we discovered an additional need for companies to create more value to their services,products and apps, without the need for a 3rd party app. Olisto integrations was born. 

Companies face the challenge to make their products and services work with those of various others. They are looking for ways to create extra value for their customers resulting in customer engagement and brand loyalty. But companies don’t always have resources or expertise available for development.  Connecting to Olisto means simply connecting to a world of smart connections.  Integrating the Olisto IoT technology in your own app creates even more customer value to your app. 

Our team consist of a group of talented and experienced developers previously working on IoT projects including the Toon Thermostat.

The daily management has an extensive background in IoT development, e-commerce, marketing and corporate sale.