Just hook up Thinka to your KNX installation and control your KNX home with your smartphone, watch or tablet.

You can control your KNX away from home.
With scenes or automatically based time of day, location or sensor detection.

1) Wouldn’t it be nice for example, if you are not able to watch TV but your favorite football club is playing, they score a goal and the lights start flashing red automatically. You don’t miss anything anymore!
2) Forgot to close the roof window on the attic? No worries, with Thinka and Olisto you can have your window close automatically when it starts raining or the wind is too hard.
3) It is Wednesday evening and you are almost home from work, the lights turn on and the curtains close because the sun is almost down and the house is already comfortable because as soon as you leave the office the thermostat at home turns on.

That’s possible with Thinka because besides Apple Homekit, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, Thinka can also be connected with Olisto.

Activate a scenario simply by using the Olisto Now buttons