Control your smart home just by using your voice with the smart speaker from Google Home. Connect it to Olisto and you will be able to control and activate entire scenes, with just one voice command. Create any scene you want with Olisto & Google Home by using the Olisto Now Buttons.

For example; you want to create a scene which turns on your lights, set the thermostat to comfort and plays your Sonos playlist when you arrive home. Simply create a trigg with one or more ‘actions’ and a Olisto Now button as a ‘condition’. Then give your Now button a name, for example ‘Home’. It works best if you choose a name for your button that consists of 1 word.

From now on you can simply activate this scene by saying: “OK/ Hey Google, start ”home’”. Or start ‘Night’ by fading the lightning to 0% in 10 minutes, thermostat to 16 degrees, partially arm the alarm.  You can also start ‘Safety’ when you leave your home by activating the alarm system + camera’s and switching off all smart plugs and lights.

How to connect Google Home & Olisto?

  1. Create some Now buttons in Olisto. If you don’t have any Now buttons before connecting to Google Home, the connection will fail.
  2. Connect to Olisto from the Google Home app.
    1. Press the “+” in the top-left corner on the home screen in the Google Home app
    2. Choose “Set up device
    3. Select “Works with Google
    4. Find “Olisto Now
  3. You will be directed to the Olisto app to login (or create an account first).
  4. After login you will be re-directed to the Google Home app for a successful connection.
  5. Now you have connected Google to Olisto it’s time to create your scenes with Now buttons in the Olisto app.
  6. Activate your scene by saying: “Start <name of the Olisto Now Buttons>” or “Activate <name of the Olisto Now Button>”

For more information go to the Google Home subject on the Olisto forum.

Activate night mode by switching of lights and thermostat low

Activate safety mode with Google Home. Alarm + camera's will be activated. Plugs and lights will be switched off.

Activate Home mode with Google Home and de lights will turn on, thermostat set to comfort and Sonos will play your playlist.

Olisto works great with these Google Home products