Olisto and Thermosmart

Makes your house convenient


ThermoSmart is the smart online Wi-Fi thermostat you can now control with your own triggs.The ThermoSmart even gets smarter, more convenient and more fun if it is connected to other devices in your home. You can connect any of your available channels to ThermoSmart and start right away. The ThermoSmart is not only a smart thermostat, it’s also highly praised by professionals.

The expert jury and members of the ‘Vereniging Eigen Huis’ gave ThermoSmart the Public Award (June 2014) for of its ease of use and design. On top of that, they praised its independence, reliability and clarity.

Alarm activated your heating

As soon as you turn off the alarm, the Thermosmart will go to comfort scenario.

Everybody’s gone? Turn down the heat

When everybody left home (based on the Location channel) we will turn down the heat for you.

Make sure it’s never too cold

When the temperature at home is too low, we can automatically turn it up.

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