Olisto and Soccer

Bring the experience of the stadium to your own living room!

Who doesn’t love a good soccer match? Connect this channel and create triggs for your favorite soccer team.


Download Olisto

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Okay, cool! But how does this work?

The Olisto app lets you easily set notifications when your favourite soccer club starts playing. Get notified whenever your team scores ⚽ or the opponent scores ?. You will never miss anything again.

Do you also have smart devices of Philips Hue or KlikAanKlikUit connected with Olisto? Blink your lamps in the color of your team when they score! You only need to set up the triggs once to always be notified.

Start directly with Olisto

The Olisto app lets you automate everything. This is what you do with so-called triggs. For example, through a small notification directly on your phone.

Here are some examples that you can use right now:

Team plays, lights on!

Turn your lights on when the match is about to start. (Requires Trust Smart Home)


Goal! Blink my HUE lights!

Let your lights blink when your team scores. (Requires Philips Hue)

Goal! Send a notification!

Notify me on my phone when my team scores. (Only requires smarthphone & Olisto app)

Set up triggs yourself?

  • Download the Olisto app
  • Make triggs for your favorite club. These always consist of an WHEN and a THEN. An action and a condition.
  • WHEN my team scores THEN send push notification (optional): … Yeah, goal!
  • WHEN my team scores … + phone is connected to WiFi at home (so you are at home) THEN blink the lights in the color of the team.
  • WHEN my team concedes a goal THEN send a notification: “Grrr, goal scored by opponent.”

The possibilities are endless as you can see below:

Soccer leagues