Olisto and Smartalarm

Olisto and Smartalarm are here to secure your house

SmartAlarm is an advanced and reliable alarm system, designed to operate completely wireless using certified hardware (Euro-norm EN 50131-1 class 2). By using SmartAlarm you can always monitor your home or company and directly receive alarms in case of unpleasant events like burglary, flooding and fire. Through the Olisto integration you can use the alarm status of you Smartalarm to trigger events, like automatically switching on the lights in case of an alarm or receiving an alert when you leave home while the alarm is still disarmed.

Don’t forget to activate Olisto on mijnsmartalarm.nl: Settings –> Add device –> Olisto.

And don’t forget to turn on smart messages in the Smart Alarm settings, this way all your messages from Olisto will arrive.

It’s bedtime, turn on the partial alarm.

Make sure you go to bed safe and sound. Olisto turns on the partial alarm when it’s time to go to bed.

Connected to Wi-Fi at home, turn off the alarm.

As soon as you’re connected to your home Wi-Fi, we will turn off the Smartalarm (Android only)

Everybody’s gone, turn on the alarm

Based on the location channel, we can check if all the phones has left the house. If so, we will turn on the alarm.

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