Olisto and Philips Hue

Automate and create even more atmosphere

Do your lights turn on automatically when the sun goes down? Let your lights flash when the washing machine is ready or let them flash red when your alarm system goes off so that it is visible to the neighbors. Besides safety it is also nice to turn on your lights in a certain color if your favorite football team scores. With Philips Hue and Olisto there are endless possibilities to connect the best atmosphere and lighting to every situation.
With the channels Date or Day and Time you can already make many useful triggs.

Turn on the lights and turn down the shutters

The Olisto NOW button turns on all the lights and lowers the shutter.


Let your Philips Hue lights blink when your favorite football team scores.

Put the house in night mode

15 minutes before sunset turn on the lights. But only when I’m home.

Olisto works with these Philips Hue products

  • Philips HUE White (E27, GU10, E14)
  • Philips HUE White and Colour (E27, GU10, E14)
  • Philips HUE Ambiance (E27, GU10, E14)
  • Philips HUE lightstrips
  • Philips Hue beyond tafellamp
  • Hue Bloom living colors

Download Olisto

Met de gratis app kun je direct aan de slag met tientallen smart home producten en diensten. Je vindt er inspiratie en voorbeelden om jouw slimme apparaten en diensten slimmer samen te laten werken.

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