Olisto and Netatmo

Netatmo can do so much for you

Experience the comfort of a Smart Home with Netatmo’s Smart Thermostat, Security Camera with Face Recognition and Weather Station.

Humidifier automatically on when humidity is too low

As soon as the Netamo detects that the humidity is too low, the smart plug will switch on automatically.

Alarm off, heating on (Netatmo at 21 degrees)

As soon as the alarm is turned off, the Netatmo thermostat switches on at 21 degrees.

Scenario not at home

As soon as the Egardia alarm is switched on, the Netatmo thermostat and the Philips Hue lighting turn off.

Olisto works with the following Netatmo products

  • Netatmo Starck Thermostat
  • Netatmo Welcome indoor camera
  • Netatmo Presence outdoor camera
  • Indoor and outdoor weatherstation