Olisto and KlikAanKlikUit

The smartest house is yours

KlikAanKlikUit is the affordable and easy-to-install system that allows you to control lights and devices and also secures your home via a wireless security system and IP camera.

The various products provide an added value to every home, since your current switches remain operational.

Last but not least, the system can be completely suited to your needs.

Automatic blinds in sunny weather

This sunblind bundle automatically lowers the blinds in sunny weather and gets them back up with rain or strong wind.

CV killswitch

When there is CO detection, Olisto turns off the smart plug for the boiler

Automate the oxygen pump for pond

When it’s below 5° C turn on the oxygen pump of the pond

Olisto works with these KlikAanKlikUit products

  • Zled-RGB9
  • Zled-Tune9
  • Zled-209
  • Zled-2709
  • Aled-2709
  • Aled-2009
  • Aled-EC2206
  • Lamp fitting AFR-100
  • Lamp fitting AFR-060
  • AlSet-2000
  • Inbouw mini hoofdschakelaar AWS-3500
  • Inbouw multi dimmer ACM-100
  • Ingebouwde dimmer (1000W) ACM-1000
  • Ingebouwde dimmer (300W) ACM-300
  • Ingebouwde mini dimmer AWMR-230
  • Ingebouwde mini dimmer AWMD-250
  • Opbouw schakelaar AILS-3500 opbouw schakelaar
  • Universele schakelaar AMU-500
  • Mini inbouw AWMR-300
  • Mini inbouw dimmer AWMR-210
  • Mini-Led controller 0-10V ACM-LV10
  • Mini-led controller 12-24V ACM-LV24
  • Schakelaar voor zonwering ASUN-650
  • Inbouw schakelaar ACM-3000H2
  • Inbouw schakelaar ACM-2300H
  • Ingebouwde 3 in 1 schakelaar ACM-3500-3
  • ACD-1000
  • ACD-3500
  • ACD-300
  • ACD-200
  • AGDR-3500
  • AGDR-200
  • AGDR-300
  • APCR-2300


  • Lightify pro dse PBC
  • Lightify pro dse
  • Lightify pro dse PIR
  • Lightify pro dse HF
  • Lightify flex rgbw
  • Lightify surface light TW
  • Lightify surface gardenspot mini RGB
  • Lightify arktika-P led PRO
  • Lightify surface light W
  • Lightify surface downlight TW
  • Lightify surface gardenspot mini W


  • Philips HUE lampen 2nd generation en hoger


  • lampen Floalt
  • lampen Jormlien
  • lampen Surte
  • lampen Tradfri


  • zonwering RTS Orea RTS motor
  • zonwering RTS Altus RTS motor
  • zonwering Brel motoren

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