Olisto and Crownstone

Make your indoor triggs work even better.

Crownstone makes plugs with built-in positioning. By connecting a Crownstone plug to your phone it is possible to determine your position fairly precisely indoors. This works via Bluetooth. A Crownstone is a switch, dimmer, presence sensor, power meter, artificial intelligence and an open platform all in one! With Crownstones you can have your position determined indoors and perform specific triggers on it. Let the right lights go on at the right time, only when you walk into the room. Your smart home will become even smarter with the Crownstone channel in Olisto.

Crownstone Now button

Turn on your Crownstone from your smartphone’s homescreen with the Olisto Now button.

Crownstone is on

Get a notification from Olisto when the Crownstone in the livingroom turns on.

Current power usage 20W+

Olisto sends the current power usage when the usage is more than 20W.

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