The latest from Olisto HQ
  • Creating puzzle pieces

    When I was at primary school, we used to make puzzles by making a picture on a piece of plywood. Then we would take a jigsaw and create the pieces that form the puzzle. Of course, I tried to make ... Read more
  • A joint building on IoT

    How two companies can successfully campaign together Devices at home come online and services are being digitized at a rapid pace, giving consumers new experiences and new ways to digitize their li... Read more
  • MVPs, often more minimal and less viable

    In my previous blog, I shared some comments on a gap that we see often times between Marketing and Tech. After the launch of a brand new digital or connected product, marketing wants the prod... Read more
  • Overcome the gap between marketing and tech in your company

    In my recent blogpost about the Impossible Roadmap, I referred to the pressure that product managers of connected devices and digital services experience from users of their products. Enthusiastic... Read more
  • The Impossible Roadmap

    The Toon Smart Thermostat is one of Europe’s leading Smart Thermostats. With a growing user base, customer support was facing a growing range of diverse questions on whether Toon, being a connec... Read more
  • Let our new wizard guide you to your first trigg

    Have you seen the new wizard in the app? We want to make it even easier for you to take over (your first) triggs. When you choose a featured or inspiration trigg, you will not only see the nam... Read more
  • Nokia Body+ product of the month January

    The Nokia Body+ scale is chosen as Olisto product of the month January. In the beginning of the new year, people are the busiest with their good intentions. This scale is the perfect solution for ... Read more
  • Olisto starts pilot with Viesgo and makes app available in Spanish

    About Viesgo and the Spanish translation Olisto today announced the start of a pilot with Viesgo. This an innovative Spanish utility company focuses on delivering quality services and customer sati... Read more
  • A new look and feel for Olisto

    The time is right for a new look and feel for Olisto. Time to change the appearance of the app. Together with the team of Soda Studio and Resoluut, we have scrutinized the design and opted for a new s... Read more
  • New in Olisto: Better triggs with daytime and nighttime

    We're very happy with the feedback we get on how happy you are with the possibilities to make triggs driven by sunrise and sunset. Whether it's a notification on your phone, the lights in home t... Read more