Bert de Boer’s morning routine

February 24th,2017

Bert de Boer is a strategic marketeer and project manager. He has a wife and two daughters. Read how Bert uses a tight morning routine to keep chaos at bay and kick-off the day smoothly.

What is your morning routine?

For as long as I can remember I’ve woken up at 6:00 – 6:15 AM without having the alarm set. First action of the day is to put in my earbuds and tune in to a news radio station on my smartphone.

At 6:45-7:00 AM I find my way downstairs, checking some news websites, Twitter and RSS feeds in the meanwhile. I wake daughter one so we can start the family-shower-scheme.

Next thing is to make table and prepare breakfast. After this I wake daughter two and my wife. Then I take a shower (for a while I consequently measured my weight and heartrate but that seems like a past thing).

From 7-30 to 8:00 AM we have breakfast with a house rule that there will be no smartphones or tablets on the table. In this morning ritual I’ve never taken a moment to rest.

From 8:15 to 9:00: Coffee! I turn on my computer and read my e-mails, answering and scheduling them. Next I check my to-do list within Asana. I receive this by e-mail but I also use the app or web regularly. In response I start mailing again, set tasks or even reschedule. In practice I only answer e-mails after lunch or at the end of the day except urgent ones.

Do you do anything special in the evening to make it easier for yourself in the morning?

I don’t do anything special. Although the room’s always reasonably tidy so I don’t have to look at last day’s ‘mess’.

What do you miss in your routine?

I’d like to add ‘exercise’ like running to my morning routine, but I’m afraid this is not possible right now.

What tip would you give to others who want to improve their morning routine?

I notice that a lot of time is being spent on reading e-mail inboxes. I’ve set my mail in such a way that everything is put in maps automatically on the basis of rules and specific addresses. A lot of less urgent mail I read only during the weekend. Sometimes I delete all of them at once without reading them.

Bert de Boer is strategic marketeer and project manager. Enthusiast of real time, innovation, concepts and introductions. He has an internet past working on projects like Feyenoord, PCM and Villa BVD, but started his own business ten years ago focusing on (international) yachting and healthcare. With Hollandstar he’s aiming at SME’s with a maximum of 150 employees. You can follow Bert on Twitter as well.